About Us

Long Island Based: The Phoenix Group

The Phoenix Group is a unique company in that it boasts over 45 years of law enforcement experience, ten of those conducting extensive backgrounds for NYC law enforcement personnel. Additionally, The Phoenix Group has over 25 years of business experience that enables us to understand the needs and the issues facing each and every business today. By using The Phoenix Group we give you the peace of mind knowing that your decision to hire us is the correct one.

Mission Statement

The Phoenix Group Investigations is a highly professional, experienced and client driven Private Investigation firm. We firmly believe that prioritizing our client’s needs is what makes us so successful.

Our intention is to provide you, the client, with a professional and second to none investigation(s) all the while protecting your rights both as a consumer and or victim culminating in your satisfaction. All of our employees, especially our Private Investigators here at The Phoenix Group conduct themselves during the scope of their duties during their investigations including but not limited to divorce, forensic accounting, due diligence to name a few.

The Phoenix Group Private Investigators operate under the strictest guidelines and values. They include the following:

  • Dedication to achieving positive results through the best investigative techniques and modern technology used in the private investigation community all the while representing you the client and focusing on your needs.
  • The Phoenix Group prides itself in providing the highest of ethical standards and integrity to our clients. We understand that our investigations must meet the recognized industry standards in order to not only conduct a successful investigation but to assure our clients that they are receiving what is promised.
  • We here at The Phoenix Group are aware that in order for us to be successful we must satisfy and or achieve our clients needs. With that being said we commit ourselves to allotting the necessary time, personnel, equipment and efforts to each and every investigation in order to deliver the highest quality investigation to you the client.

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