Frequently Asked Questions

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The Phoenix Group Investigations offers a free consultation. At this consultation you will meet with one or more of our investigators. This meeting can take place at our offices, your residence or a mutually convenient locations at your choice. At this meeting the issues will be discussed and all your questions will be answered. Our investigators will ask all relevant questions and explain to you the costs and what is expected of you when you retain our services. You will be asked to sign a Retainer for our services.
The Phoenix Group Investigations employs Private Investigators with diverse prior law enforcement experience. They are all well versed in the law and how to conduct professional investigations. The Phoenix Group is fully licensed and bonded. Our Private Investigators use state of the art equipment.
The Phoenix Group Investigations has vast experience in this area. Our Private Investigators have handled a wide range of matrimonial cases and are very successful in proving infidelity. They are all well trained and experienced in surveillance techniques, photography, video and utilize a wide range of technical equipment such as GPS during the investigation.
Each case/investigation is different. The cost varies and is directly connected to the amount of time spent on the investigation and equipment used to either prove or disprove your case During the initial consultation a budget will be determined and we will work with you to achieve the goals of your investigation within that budget. If it is determined that as a result of the nature or developments of the investigation that the costs will exceed the original budget you will be notified immediately.
Once a retainer agreement has been reviewed and signed, your case will start immediately.
No private investigative agency can guarantee results. If anyone does quote you a guarantee they are doing you a disservice. There are too many variables when conducting an investigations and as such it is impossible to predict let alone guarantee a result.
In most states it is legal to record telephone conversations as long as one party of the conversation either gives his/her consent or is aware of the recording. In New York is is legal to record your telephone conversation with another person without their knowledge. You need a court order to “Tap” a telephone conversation without the consent or knowledge of the parties involved.
By law, licensed Private Investigators in New York State can only proceed with an investigation as long as the case originated in the investigator’s home state. Therefore it will be legal to proceed into other states to follow and or find your spouse in the event he or she leaves.
The Phoenix Group Investigations has on staff licensed Forensic Accountants. They have a vast amount of experience to conduct forensic audits for you and or your business. They are able to obtain the necessary evidence to present in a legal proceeding to prove or disprove allegations of improprietey.
The Phoenix Group has on staff computer investigators who are well versed in determining employee abuse, pornography, industrial espionage, identify theft, spousal infidelity, intrusion detection and Internet fraud to name a few.